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7 Feature of Affiliencer

Point #1

「Anyone can register and use easily」
If you are not Model, Singar, Dancer, MC and any expert (KOL/Influencer),
you can register and get money supporting company’s demand.

Point #2

「Affiliencer is new type of SNS」

You can post your activity to your timeline like facebook.
So client (company user) can know you are what kind of person well to easy to ask some tasks. You also can get “like and “comment.

Point #3

「You can decide price by yourself」
When you register to Affiliencer, you can choose favorite category and decide price,
how much you are expecting to do that kind of work.
There are many kind of such as “posting image”, “model”, “singer”, “MC”, “DJ”…
Company user can know well about Influencer’s personality, price. So they can easily negotiate price. 

Point #4

「Interactive communication」
You can choose “Cast(influencer)” or “Enterprise” when you register.
It’s possible to swith from Cast to Enterprise, so no need to be nervous.
You can directly contact and negotiate detail of task such as,
“I want to you to come to our Event”
“I want you to sing in my wedding party as surprise guest”…


Point #5

「You can be producer」

You can register as producer in stead of your family or pet.
For example, you register as agent of yoru pet (dog) and negotiate with client to take picture, shooting video.
This kind of work allowed to do for only big talent management company before, but from now on, you can do!

Point #6

「Useful search function」
Easy to search 「Cast」 and 「compe」 by filter search function.
It is allowed to search by 「gender」「tall」「place」「Facebook、Instagram、YouTube、Twitter’s follower」「category」「service」「fee」.
We can solve to your problem that difficult to find Influencer (KOL) by this app.


Point #7

「Evaluation function」

After finishing task, Cast and Enterprise user will evaluate each other by 5 star. Enterprise user pay fee to Affiliencer admin in advance and it will be paid to cast after finishing all of process. So it is very safety for each user.You can also can check past review before offering task.


Fee to register, monthly fee, posting fee is all for free

You can decide fee to offer, fee to receive task

※Only if transaction is done, we will get 15% commission.


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